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Deluxe Party

£170 includes everything.

1.45 hour     'Deluxe Party'          


Our Deluxe Party gives you even more time in front of the Camera.  including 3 to 4 outfit changes you get to achieve an amazing combination of images. Directed by the Photographer there are, games, props, challenges, and so much more. Energetic, interactive and spontaneous, you are guaranteed a great laugh throughout the session, and even more laughs when you get to see the images we’ve created. Each person at the party receives a 7x5 print of their choice to remind you of this special day. So begin thinking of your outfits, from dresses to onesies, to make the most of our deluxe party.


6 people included

3-4 outfit changes

7x5in print each




Extra people can be added to your party at £20 per person

Adult make-up £12 per person (we also allow extra time on party)

Kids' make-up £7 per person (we also allow extra time on party)

Party invite download

Video quick snap shot of Delux Party

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